EYE CARE Services


Looking for an eye exam for you or a family member? We have you covered. We specialize in serving your whole family, and that includes your kids too! We believe in providing thorough, regular eye exams so you can stay on top of you and your family's health. Below are some of the specialty services we offer.


Eye Exams for Children

Parents often ask, if my child passed a visual screening do they really need an eye exam? The answer is yes, the two are very different. Both adults and children need more than just a visual screening.

Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting

Experiencing eye fatigue at the end of the day? Multifocal contact lenses have distance, near and intermediate powers in one lens. You don’t have to have a history of contact lens wear to have this fitting performed. 


Dry Eye Management

Burning, aching, itching, watering or just a “tired” feeling at the end of the day could be an indication that you have dry eye disease.  Since the condition is chronic and progressive, the sooner we start treating and managing your dry eye disease the better. 


Career/Hobby Specialty Refractions

Standard progressive lenses not working for your hobbies? We specialize in secondary refractions, contacts and glasses that are tailored specifically to your hobbies. Bring measurements to your appointment!



We believe great eye care lives at the intersection of knowledgable and caring doctors and staff and great technology. We are devoted to having up-to-date equipment and being on top of the latest technology trends in our industry. Below are just a few specialty technologies and services we will have!


Hate the air puff test?

We feel your pain so we use the latest rebound technology to measure IOP (intra-orifice pressure) without having to subject our patients to the traditional air puff test. Unique technology enables safe, painless and hygienic IOP measurement with the Icare® rebound tonometer.


Protect your vision.

We use Daytona Optos to capture 200° optomaps of your retina in a second. An optomap helps us detect early signs of vision impairment and may help us identify other early signs of diseases like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Under normal conditions, dilation drops may not be necessary.